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To all high school students worrying about their future/careers

(read the whole thing im so angry so read it!!!!)

I fucking hate the post about “having to choose a life long career in your teens” and how its “not fair”, i’m sorry but so many people have proved this wrong. If you choose to stay in the same career as you decided upon in your teens, it’s your own fault, it’s not a case of whether life is fair or not. There are so many ways to change your career path, you can continue your education, move to another country, be employed by another business, start studying online while you’re working, achieve qualifications that will allow you to get a different or better job - all while you could be working the job that you wanted as a teenager. Also when you go to university/tafe/college etc you can change your course whenever you want and do whatever you want as long as you meet the prerequisites.

I hate the “high school” thinking that you have to decide your career based on how well you do in your subjects because you DON’T. They only allow you to branch off into something you might be interested in, and maybe you will find something that you like from there, but you dont HAVE to decide this at 16/17 because there are always available options out there to change your mind and do something different.

I’m doing journalism and french at uni and i’m not going to be a french journalist! I’m doing something that I like and hopefully can find a career in it, and if not then i’ll keep studying later until i find something I like.

My Dad is the best example for this, he left school in year 10 and became a butcher’s apprentice, played rugby, got pissed etc etc everything boys did back then. It wasn’t even expected to go to year 12. He joined things like the Navy, Air force and all those things, and while he was working offshore he started studying chemistry. Eventually after going to uni at around 30, he is now a fully qualified doctor working in hospitals all around the state and yet is still studying to achieve a higher position and have a larger role in medecine where I live. If this isn’t a prefect example then I don’t know what is. Who thought that some scruffy butcher could one day become a doctor. You never know what you can achieve unless you fucking look around and try stuff out. It doesn’t matter what you do now, just do what you’re interested in!

Plus the generation of most of our parents, as i said, weren’t expected to do year 12.. and a lot of people our parents ages are successful and like their jobs, and theres a lot who aren’t. So it’s entirely up to you to change your path when you WANT TO and not stick to something you chose in your teenage years just because you think you have to.

/rant fucking over okay shut the fuck up

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