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Picasso giving a drawing lesson Cannes France 1957
Photo: Rene Burri 

Ana Kraš by Amanda Charchian

Brendan Austin

Anonymous asked: I wish I could chat with you whenever I want about my life problems because you seem like the perfect person to do that with I don't know man you're just ugh perfect

Aww this is sweet!! I’m not perfect though i’m silly and jealous and clumsy and i make a lot of mistakes and i’m very lazy. But you can always talk to me, on or off anonymous! Sometime’s i’m forgetful and i don’t reply and sometimes i don’t have an answer but usually i’ll try! if i’m hopeless, well i’m here to listen if you need to vent thats coool with me :))

Anonymous asked: Its only about $76 plus shipping

Just checked and it’s iphone 5 nooooo i’m a silly 4s iphone

Anonymous asked: That phone case is from marc jacobs, you can get it from his website! I'd find you the link if i wasn't on my phone xxx

Thank you!!! I will have a google for it but no doubt it’ll be $500 or something crazy if its marc :( thanks! :)


Today consisted of watching lord of the rings for the first time and finishing my first moleskine page🌿 #happysunday @izzysmithh on Instagram xxx
Most beautiful face I have ever seen